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"Priceless" Takeaways: TikTok Phenom Urges Gen Zers To Make Bold Money Moves in 2023

By Joyce R. Forchion - LOVE Aventura

February 3, 2023

A 22-year-old visionary TikTok creator is trending on the platform to the tune of 1.1 million followers. Taylor Price, a witty, self-taught financial activist, is focused on empowering her fellow Gen Z followers through @Pricelesstay, a personal finance platform aimed to teach her peers to prioritize financial literacy and increase their “FIQ,” or Financial IQ. Now that tax season is upon us, Price is reframing the way in which her generation views money.

“Sharing the financial literacy tips I learned over time has always been the focus for me,” said Price. “In my videos, I always want to be myself and represent what feels right and real to me. I tell my followers that along with purple, green has always been my favorite color. I speak to many “young” people who have no idea of where to begin the journey– how to get on the road to financial independence– so I always bring them back to the color green and why it represents such a powerful theme not only when it comes to money, but also in each and every one of our lives. No matter where you stand financially, know that through education and investment in yourself, there can be greener pastures– literally like greener as in more money.”

In an age characterized by The Great Resignation and “Quiet Quitting,” Price acknowledges the hopeless sensibilities that many Gen Z professionals maintain regarding making money and pursuing their current careers. However, she shares three takeaways that have alleviated her doubts on her personal financial journey, and hopes that her peers apply the advice to their own lives.

1. Start right where you are.

Price shares that many of her followers have reached out to her for advice on smart investing, credit scores, and personal savings. “I always tell anyone in this predicament to simply start where you are. Some of my followers are working with less than $100 in the bank. This doesn’t disqualify them from exploring a game plan– with solid dates and deadlines– for alleviating a debt snowball. In fact, even $5 can go a long way in terms of starting a savings account or making a commitment to pay off a bill.”

2. Seek a holistic balance between your work life and personal life.

Price has coined her personal philosophy to managing personal finance as Fin/Esse, which speaks to designating financial essentials in a holistic way that factors in all aspects of life pertaining to money or other personal goals. She hopes that her network of followers adapts the same balanced approach to their financial goals. “Unbeknownst to many, I suffer Scoliosis and Lupus, which prevents me from working during traditional 9-5 hours each day. My schedule must not only allow for flexibility and balance within my schedule, but in my bank account as well. Maintaining a robust emergency fund is paramount for me, along with documenting all of my savings and investment goals while weighing the pros and cons for each one. Writing everything down and then seeing what works and what doesn’t has been vital in balancing my budget, and identifying areas that need more attention and improvement.”

3. Recognize the infinite possibilities that await you on your financial journey.

Though Price’s TikTok career - which was launched in 2019 - brought about widespread notoriety, her recognition as an influencer has also been accompanied by harsh critiques and ridicule from veterans in the personal finance industry. Nevertheless, she persevered and branched out into new lanes, such as creating her own podcast and establishing a weekly newsletter community. “In this instance, I use my real-world knowledge and youthful perspective to my advantage because I know that I can express myself, and the tenets of finance, in a way in which my generation would both understand and relate to. Once an individual is equipped with the knowledge to obtain financial freedom and self-sufficiency, the opportunities to make more money become endless.”

Learn more about Taylor Price and her Gen Z brand of personal finance advocacy on her vibrant TikTok platform, and her most recent media segments can also be found on her Instagram and YouTube and Twitter profiles. For more information, Price encourages you to visit:

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