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Why Is My Water Not Working? City Of Hallandale Beach Infrastructure Is In The Spotlight

By Hallandale Beach Mayor, Joy Cooper

January 31, 2024

I have received many emails about water being turned off and why it is happening. The readers that follow my weekly column will remember the articles I have written over the past year about Infrastructure. I actually dubbed this year as “The Year of the Shovel.”

Our city is over 95 years old. Just like many other eastern cities our underground pipes have aged and need replacement. Our team has found pipes as old as 50 plus years well over their useful life. These conditions have been put off due to lack of strong leadership and management making the necessary changes to budget taxes and fees. I along with our current commission, Vice Mayor Annabelle Taub, Commissioners Joy Adams, Mike Butler and Michele Lazarow and City Manager have declared not on our watch. The water main breaks over the years have been very disruptive to our residents and businesses alike.

Our Department of Public Works has an amazing team that makes repairs 7/24/365. In many cases leaks are contained and repaired within hours. Water pressure and service is resumed immediately but often requires a boiling water notice. The potable water needs to pass a water quality test twice in a row to be cleared for human consumption. This means not drinking, brushing teeth, hand washing and dishes unless the water is boiled. For our customer's assurance our water is continually tested and must pass rigid water quality standards.

Currently, the Staff has been replacing many of our valves that provide shut offs. The most recent planned repairs impacted all condominiums along Diplomat Parkway, Three Islands and A1A as there were two replacements and one main repair. The valves are in place to provide the ability to manage water flows and in case of construction on main line or to building. In an emergency repair the process would be the same as a line break repair. Pressure would be reduced, and the repair could be complete. Planned repairs are scheduled and take place at night when there is less demand and impacts.

When there are breaks and planned shut offs condominiums are impacted differently than homes. The reduced water pressure has a direct impact on large pumps and HVAC systems in large condominiums. Many have protective shut offs and some do not. Our Staff coordinates with Condominium Managers and Presidents to warn them when the system will be impacted. In the case of an emergency, it is not that easy. The goal is always prompt communications but there will always be some lapses.

Obviously if it is an emergency repair they alert the condominium but often do the repairs without a community wide email or alerts. They will follow up with alerts via Email, Text and Social Media about the repairs and if a boil water notice is necessary. I also remind residents to sign up for our notifications at:

Our Staff has been scheduling planned shut offs during the hours of 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. This time is already a low consumption time. We will be going through many projects in the coming year and the years forward. Please pardon the dust disruption and inconvenience but these are vital replacements and upgrades to provide water and wastewater services for years to come. As Dr. Earle has said we collectively have stopped kicking any cans down the road.

JUST A WEEK AWAY! Family CommUnity Family Field Day and Resource Fair on February 10th. I, along with PAL Advise Athletes and thanks to our Presenting Sponsor Memorial’s ‘One City At A Time’ have partnered with over 50 Non-Profits, Government Agencies and Corporate Sponsors including: City of Hallandale Beach, Hallandale Beach CRA, Walgreens, YMCA and Atlantic Village to bring a day of healing for those that have been struck with Gun Violence and Personal Loss. In honor of Alex “Budda” Collins, an NFL Viking that was killed in an accident. We are uniting with residents, schools and the Police Department for a day of fun and entertainment information resources and services! All is FREE of charge and those visiting the Resource Fair can enter a FREE raffle for TV Show Tickets, Gift Certificates for shopping, dinners and more. There will also be a FREE Tree Giveaway.

As always please feel free to contact me anytime with your questions, concerns, and ideas to make our City a better place! I am available at: Or: You can reach me at my Office number: (954) 457-1318. Or Cell/Text at: (954) 632-5700. You can always visit my Facebook and follow me at Mayor Joy Cooper.

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