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Virtual Reality: Gets Real in Downtown Hollywood at VR Player 1

March 24, 2022

After experiencing the fun of a Virtual Reality arcade in Los Angeles, Yossi & Hadass Oren couldn't believe there weren't many to be found when they moved to South Florida. So they decided to open VR Player 1, Hollywood's first dedicated Virtual Reality arcade, at 1939 Hollywood Boulevard in Downtown Hollywood.

"Everyone is buying VR for home use," said Hadass, "but an arcade is special, fun and different. Adults and kids can enjoy it together. And it's great for date nights, families and nightlife!"

They searched for a location with great foot traffic and a social atmosphere, explained Israeli-born Yossi. Driving down Hollywood Boulevard, they knew they had found the right place.

"The first time we went to look, we knew it was meant to be," said Hadass. "It was literally perfect.

"And now that we're here, the people have been so friendly, we know that it really is a great spot," she continued. "And the nightlife here is amazing, so we can stay open late."

VR Player 1 has about a dozen stations. Two or more people can play at most stations, and each has several different games or options on it; for example, the motorcycle ride converts to skiing or waterskiing. There is also an "arena" where multiple players can play team games, including Laser Tag. Most experiences last from five to 15 minutes each.

VR Player 1 has a private room for parties, and players can also rent out the entire space for larger events. Refreshments, pizza, and other snacks and beverages are available for purchase.

Play packages include the Bronze at $30, which includes 3 experiences, and keeps the player playing for about 25 minutes; the Silver package of 5 experiences for $39 which lasts for about 45 minutes; and the $59 Diamond package which offers 80 minutes of unlimited play.

VR Player 1 is open Sunday through Thursday from noon to midnight, Friday from noon to 5:30 pm, and Saturday from 6:15 pm to 2 am. For more information or to make a reservation, please call 305-456-3555 or visit

Downtown Hollywood offers on-street metered parking for $1.50 per hour, as well as municipal garage parking for $1 per hour. Municipal garage locations are 251 S. 20th Avenue (between Harrison Street and Van Buren Street) and 251 N. 19th Avenue (between Tyler Street and Polk Street).

For more information about redevelopment projects, businesses and events in Hollywood's Downtown and Beach Districts, call the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) at 954-924-2980 or visit

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