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This Thanksgiving: It Is Time To Be Very Thankful & Careful

By Hallandale Beach Mayor, Joy Cooper

November 25, 2021

Now we can all get somewhat back to a normal holiday season but if you didn’t get Vaccinated remember you still can be a carrier

The holidays are here. Along with them comes plenty of stress. It may seem odd that I am bringing up stress but due to COVID-19 there is plenty of it. Firstly, Vaccines do matter. The debate can continue over them, but they are safe and according to factual data, they help reduce either the risk of getting COVID-19 and if you do contract it is less likely that you will end up in an ICU or dead. My go to comment is, “Get The Vaccine, safe and easy. No Vaccine leads to sickness and possible death. It is an easy choice.”

Now we can all get somewhat back to a normal holiday season but if you didn’t get Vaccinated remember you still can be a carrier. With that fact those that are not Vaccinated or have not received a booster are at risk. If you are not Vaccinated or are simply not worried about giving it to someone else remember the people you are around are your Grandparents, Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters and Friends. I know there are some individuals that cannot get the Vaccine but if you can go, take the time to get it.

The past two years of COVID-19 have created havoc and destruction of life. This holiday season many will be sitting around the table having lost loved ones. My prayers go out to you. Over the past years I have been called about many deaths. At one point four days in a row I was being called about a resident passing. The stress from this alone is tragic and raw. The trauma of these deaths will be everlasting.

COVID-19 has also hit our economy. Thankfully our government had issued COVID-19 Relief Packages to get the numerous employees who have been affected much needed funds. They also helped with policy relief for mortgages and rental assistance to keep people in their homes. This is truly something to be thankful for this holiday. Regretfully there are still many needy individuals that are now dealing with inflation and not working.

It is such an unprecedented time in our country and around the World. I believe many of us all have a certain level of PTSD from the Pandemic. With the shadow of it still around and the economy impacting every single person. The stress of the holidays alone combined with the Pandemic cannot go unrecognized. We all need to take a pause and really be thankful for the simple pleasures of being alive. More importantly if we are out of the woods and closer to normalcy to those in our community, remember it is the time of “Thanksgiving.”

If you cannot give your time or money, you can still be part of helping one another by simply being nice. The stress of the past two years has been showing. So much hate and anger is out there. Patience and kindness are something that is really tough when you are stressed and we all need to take a pause before we react.

There are many community partners stepping up to the plate to help those in need and struggling. Rodriguez Charities helped this Thanksgiving, the city did a Drive By Turkey Dinner on Wednesday. In addition, 300 families from our local schools received a meal and a gift card to purchase items for the holiday.

In December even though the City also was hit by COVID-19 and with a tight budget, there will be a Holiday Lighting held on December 3rd at the Historic Curci Village. Chabad of South Florida is holding their annual Chanukah Concert on December 5th in the evening at The Big Easy Casino. So as they say, it takes a village and we are fortunate to have partners that step up to the plate. Gulfstream Park has opened the Sport of Kings for our “Hope for the Holidays.” We also had other partners donating to make sure that selected families have toys under the tree.

All of these events could use a helping hand so if you can help or donate, please know they are free events. Come out and enjoy yourself and if you are in true need, please reach out to me and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Thanksgiving!

As always, I am available anytime for your questions, concerns and ideas to make our City a better place, on my Phone/Text at: (954) 632-5700. Or you can E-mail me at: Please visit my Facebook Page: MayorJoyCooper. Like It! Friend It! Share It!

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