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The Goal Of Dr. Chander Gupta Is Keeping His Patients Healthy Through Modern Dentistry

April 24, 2022

Dr. Chander Gupta of Brighten Dental Care in Dania Beach takes a holistic approach to his practice. “By correcting alignment, filling gaps with precision by ensuring the correct fit of bridges, crowns and dentures, providing prophylactic cleaning and scaling, oral cancer screening and assessing the level of bacteria and viruses in a patient’s mouth with state-of-the art technology, we are able to be a partner in maintaining the overall health of our patients,” he says.

“During the past thirty years, he continues, “I have seen patients with terrible oral problems, some of their own making by neglect of proper care or inability to seek proper treatment, but some have even been victims of poor workmanship in the past. Although I enjoy all aspects of dental care and improvement, undertaking these challenges bring me the most satisfaction in my work.”

Dr. Gupta is referring to improving dental health not only through prophylaxis, but also by replacing missing teeth with implants, bridges or partials, repairing existing ones with fillings or caps and improving alignment with the newest innovation in braces called Invisalign®.

Invisalign® braces are clear, removable aligners made of a flexible thermoplastic material, that when carefully fitted and following instructions, gradually will straighten a patient’s teeth and bite. There are no brackets or wires, and the appliance has none of the restrictions or discomfort that is associated with metal braces. “Not only is Invisalign® hardly noticeable,” says Dr. Gupta, “but it is an effective correction device for any age, from teens to the elderly.”

Dr. Gupta has the technology to perform screenings to detect early mouth cancers and provide DNA testing of saliva to identify bacterial population in order to determine if more extensive periodontal work may be needed.

Dr. Gupta says that most people don’t realize how influential the health of their mouth is on their entire body. “Our mouths harbor microorganisms like bacteria and viruses that can invade our hearts, lungs and nervous system. Not only do those microorganisms affect the individual, but they can easily be spread from person to person through kissing, sharing, even droplets through sneezing, coughing, shouting and singing, as we recently have been warned regarding the spread of Covid-19.”

He adds that even if an individual is diligent in their personal dental care, the foods and beverages that enter their mouths contribute to the human biome that affects the entire body. Therefore, he recommends that regular dental checkups should be part of any health regime.

Dr. Gupta points out that most people have tooth loss today due to tooth decay, periodontal disease or traumatic injury. Although bridges between existing teeth may fill the gap, they are not always a feasible solution. In those cases, Dr. Gupta recommends dental implants to totally replace one, multiple or all missing teeth by creating a prosthetic root with the fusion of a titanium or zirconium screw into the jaw and attaching customized matching teeth to become a permanent fixture, just like your own teeth.

“Removable dentures is an option in replacing full or partial tooth loss,” he says, “but they often can be problematic, especially for older patients whose gums slowly continue to shrink.” At that point, he notes that dentures begin to slip and the individual tends to use more denture adhesive, which ultimately gets swallowed and that is not good for their health. He says, “ill-fitting dentures create sore spots on the gum line.” He continues by saying that the patient then self-medicates with an over-the-counter oral anesthetic like Orajel® that numbs the gum, but does nothing to heal the sore. He explains that infection can then easily set into the open wound. The patient then cannot chew properly which upsets their stomach and ultimately takes a toll on his or her health and general well-being.

“Proper fitting and continued monitoring are critical in all phases of dentistry,” he continues, “so this is an absolute criterion in service to my patients.” Dr. Gupta says that he and the labs he works with are fastidious in their fittings and follow up care.

Another service that Dr. Gupta provides is related to snoring and sleep apnea. He can perform testing in his office that provides critical information to be sent to a sleep specialist for evaluation. Based on their recommendation, he can fit a patient with mild to moderate sleep apnea a customized oral orthotic device that now can replace a bulky C-PAP mask and machine.

Degreed as a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery), Dr. Gupta performs dental surgery in his office, which is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology including surgical laser equipment.

“Even with all of that,” says Dr. Gupta, “most important to us is that we treat our patients as if they are our own family members and provide quality dentistry with reasonable fees.” Dr. Gupta says that his office staff is happy to accommodate the patient with appointments, help complete insurance forms and arrange for various payment plan options including Care Credit and Lending Club.

Our Health Care Coordinator, Miss Chandrally Mahajan, MPH (master’s in public health, Epidemiology) has a strong belief in educating the public about Oral Health and its connection to Overall Health. She is a speaker at local civic organizations, schools and frequent guest speaker on the Steve Kane Radio talk show on WNN 1470AM discussing preventive aspects of COVID-19 Epidemic. She assures that our office follows OSHA and CDC guidelines.

“As a professional team,” Dr. Gupta says,” the goal of my staff and I is to help keep our patients healthy and continue to enjoy their Bright Smiles.”

Dr. Chander Gupta DDS; MAGD
Brighten Dental Care
129 E. Dania Beach Boulevard
Dania Beach FL 33004
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