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Stop Making Cancer: A Raw Vegan Recipe Book for Empowering a Holistic Return to Health

February 15, 2024

'An Oasis of Healing', a leading holistic cancer treatment center, is thrilled to announce the release of 'Stop Making Cancer: A Raw Vegan Recipe Book'. This transformative culinary guide features over 100 meticulously crafted raw vegan recipes, a pivotal component of An Oasis of Healing's Comprehensive Cancer Care program.

As a prominent holistic Cancer Treatment Center, 'An Oasis of Healing' presents this healthful collection of recipes. Tailored to enlighten readers about the profound impact of raw cuisine in supporting Cancer healing, the book mirrors the center's dedication to empowering individuals with knowledge and tools for enhanced well-being.

'Stop Making Cancer: A Raw Vegan Recipe Book' transcends the realm of conventional recipe books. It is not just about presenting tasty recipes; it's an exploration into redefining health. This culinary journey delves into how our dietary choices can become a powerful tool for the body to heal, especially in the face of formidable challenges like Cancer. The recipes included have been essential to An Oasis of Healing's Comprehensive Cancer Care program, positioning them as a valuable resource for those seeking a holistic and nourishing approach to cancer recovery.

Organized into distinct sections encompassing Breakfasts and Breads, Nut Cheeses, Dips, and Main Dishes, the recipe book embarks on a unique culinary expedition. It goes beyond the act of eating, becoming a guide that facilitates a journey toward optimal health through mindful choices. The emphasis lies not just on taste but on aligning recipes with the body's innate ability to restore well-being, promoting a holistic approach to health.

'Stop Making Cancer: A Raw Vegan Recipe Book' is more than a recipe book; it is an embodiment of a holistic philosophy that empowers individuals to make informed choices about their well-being. Through the release of this transformative recipe book, An Oasis of Healing seeks to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those navigating the complexities of Cancer.

Explore the realm of 'Stop Making Cancer: A Raw Vegan Recipe Book' and immerse yourself in a holistic culinary journey. Acquire the book here for a collection of delightful recipes and a guide to a holistic and nourishing approach to well-being.

An Oasis of Healing
'An Oasis Of Healing' is a long-established and trusted Arizona Cancer Treatment Center. At 'An Oasis of Healing', they use scientifically proven, Leading-Edge Alternative Cancer Treatments that work within the body to achieve remarkable results in eliminating Cancer while at the same time restoring health. Compared to other alternative cancer treatment centers, they have a truly Holistic and Integrative Cancer Treatment approach through our Comprehensive Cancer Care Program. Their program includes education, nutrition & cleansing and many other natural healing modalities with an extensive repertoire of Integrative Cancer Treatments. Even though some of their patients may have the same type of Cancer, all have their individual requirements and as a result, they develop a customized and unique plan of care for each person.

Every person’s body produces Cancer Cells daily. So, to restore your body and heal it from Cancer, you must strengthen the immune system and support it to stop making cancer.

At 'An Oasis of Healing', you will receive a customized program that is designed with the goal of helping you heal from cancer. It will also help to change the biochemistry of your body to a state of health where it stops producing cancer.

Your individualized cancer healing program includes scientifically validated, state-of-the-art medical therapies with proven healing traditions.

They Treat All ‘Types’ Of Cancer
When they distinguish between ‘types’ of cancer, they are referring to the location in which the Cancer is being manifested...Breast Cancer...Lung Cancer...Brain Cancer. In each of these, the second word is ‘Cancer’ and the first word is the location. The reason that one cancer may be considered more aggressive is due to location. Pancreatic Cancer, for instance, only has to grow 1cm to be in another organ like the small intestines, making it stage 4 and impacting the function of the small intestines. Breast or Colon Cancer, on the other hand, may grow several centimeters without impacting another organ. ‘Types’ of Cancer usually refers to whether it is a Sarcoma or a Carcinoma because the embryonic origins of those two types of Cancer are different.

Still, the same process that defines it as ‘Cancer’ is occurring.

“Oasis was exactly what I needed when I learned of my Prostate Cancer Diagnosis. After learning about and talking with others who used conventional medicine options to treat it, including surgery, Radiation, and Chemo and realizing all the disastrous center effects that occur (There is no such things as a side effect when your sexual impotence and urinary incontinence is involved despite what the conventional medicine says!) when you go down the conventional/allopathic approach. Not only did I learn that my body can heal itself from Cancer without those harsh center effects, but I also learned how to change my lifestyle and eating habits to bring my body towards health. That’s what Oasis is all about, getting you to realize you have the power to conquer cancer using the natural tools and methods they employ, you will regain your health!!!” M. Kramer Patient

Categories of Cancer
There are three general categories of Cancer, these are distinguished by the tissue subtype where they began.

Sarcomas include Malignancies originating in Mesenchymal Tissue, which is derived from a type of Embryonic Tissue. In contrast, Carcinomas originate in Epithelial Tissues, as described above. Sarcomas include Malignancies of the Bone, Cartilage, Fat, Muscle, and Blood Vessels.

Leukemias originate in the Bone Marrow. Although Bone Marrow (Hematopoietic Tissue) is of Mesenchymal origin, and Leukemias should be classified as Sarcomas, they are usually classified separately from Sarcomas.

Lymphomas and Myelomas are Malignancies originating in Immune System Cells. Lymphomas begin in Lymph Nodes and myelomas begin in a certain subset of Immune Cells called Plasma Cells. And the almost arbitrary distinction between Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas has succeeded only in obfuscating the unbiased investigation of these conditions and how best to “treat” them.

There are many subtypes of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas that have no apparent commonalities other than consisting of Lymphoid Tissue and not meeting the criteria for a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

For more information about their cancer treatments, visit their website: or find their book on Amazon:

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