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P.Pole Pizza: Create Your Own Mouthwatering Pie

PROFILES By David Snelling

February 4, 2022

Put your pizza passion to the test when you create your own pie at P.Pole Pizza in Hallandale Beach. With three choices of dough, plus five sauces and over 50 toppings to choose from, you can enjoy mouthwatering pizza in mere minutes – two minutes and five seconds, to be exact!

Craving pepperoni, peppers or extra parmesan perhaps? With P.Pole Pizza’s unlimited pizza options, you can pick as many veggie, meat or seafood options as your delicious pizza dreams can handle. At P.Pole Pizza, if you can imagine it, you can make it! Opened in 2021 by restaurateur Anthony DiCarlo, the Hallandale Beach spot is the franchise’s second location in South Florida. There is currently a P.Pole Pizza in Coral Gables with plans to expand to South Beach and the Miami River.

This newly reimagined pizza chain is the millennial answer to finding pies which cater to gluten free and organic tastes. According to DiCarlo, P.Pole Pizza was created in order to give customers the chance to be creative and build their own pizza - the way they want it to look and taste. "It's all about the customers,” explains DiCarlo. "Whatever they want on their pizzas, we got it for them."

With so many types of toppings, dough and sauces, pizza fans don’t have to be limited any longer. Different dough offerings include standard, chia seed infused, and even cauliflower, their gluten free option for people with allergies or those watching their weight. Chia seeds in particular are known to add fiber and micronutrients. This is one joint which is always thinking outside of the (pizza) box!

From tomato to spicy tomato, as well as alfredo, pesto and barbeque, plus seven types of cheese, including a vegan option, you can keep coming back to make all the combos you are craving. Choose from over 50 tasty toppings including pepperoni, cheese, fresh spinach, artichokes, broccoli, grilled onions, jalapeño, mushrooms, sweet peppers and anchovies, just to name a few. DiCarlo says that his pizzas are shaped in the form of a skateboard because it bakes faster in their new, cutting-edge oven where temperatures can reach as high as 800 degrees.

"Most pizzas that are round take longer to cook," he said. "The skateboard shape cooks faster and it's fresh and hot and ready to enjoy. "It takes 15 to 20 minutes for most places to cook and serve a pizza, or they just give you a re-heated slice of stale pizza. Our pizzas are made fresh to order from scratch and are ready to eat in less than just three minutes. They’re served piping hot and delicious.” This proud pizza owner also adds that while their pizzas are individual size, they are large enough to share for lite eaters.

Don’t feel like choosing your own toppings? No problem! P.Pole gives customers the option of selecting one of their signature pizzas which are also baked in just over two minutes. Scrump-tious signature pizza options include the American, Italian, Cuban, Veggie, Meat & Barbeque. "The concept is to build your own pizza, but we also have these signature pizzas where we have chosen the toppings for you,” DiCarlo said. Prices vary, with $8 for a cheese pizza, $9 for a two-topping pizza and $10 for unlimited toppings where you can let your cravings go crazy!

For faster service, customers can order on the restaurants' app and sign up for their rewards program. For every dollar spent, customers will earn a coin which accumulates over time so that pizza lovers can eventually use these coins towards purchases in the future. P.Pole Pizza has also announced that they will be offering their own delivery services in the near future, but for now, customers can get their creative creations delivered via Uber Eats, Door Dash and Grubhub.

Despite opening just a few months ago, P.Pole has already found loyal customers, especially amongst those looking for a healthier pizza alternative. "The weekends have been good and most nights are busy. The experience has been very positive. We have lot of repeat customers, some who come as many as three or four times a week. We expect to get a lot busier when people know we are here."

As far as why he chose to open a location in Hallandale Beach, DiCarlo explains that he knows of many other successful businesses and hungry pa-trons in the area! "I know a lot of people in the city who would enjoy a place where they could grab a quick lunch or dinner to eat without sacrificing quality and taste," he said. "The pizzas are not greasy they are healthy and delicious."

DiCarlo, who was born in Rhodes Island, has been in the restaurant business since 2004, originally moved to South Florida three decades ago. This entrepreneur has now made P.Pole the most delicious pizza destination in town. His concept of serving guilt free pies goes back to his experience of previously owning other health-conscious restaurants. He currently owns a gym in Hallandale Beach as well.

With so many good for you and mouthwatering menu options, lucky residents of Broward County will soon be getting their own P.Pole Pizza. The most important aspect for this pizza pioneer? The people!

P.Pole Pizza
1113 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard
Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009

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