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Love, Aventura: Saluting The Aventura Moms

By Joyce R. Forchion

March 18, 2022

Solidifying a Legacy of Service During Women’s History Month

Many would argue that mothers represent the backbone of a family structure. They are leaders, confidantes, protectors, and disciplinarians. With the enormous responsibilities placed upon their shoulders to manage their households and prioritize their children’s needs, where can contemporary mothers turn for friendship, collaboration, and a sense of community?

In 2016, Aventura wife and mother Esther Bensusan founded a social network called Aventura Moms – a closed social network exceeding 10k targeting other local mothers seeking a supportive group and sense of solace. The collective meets to share family resources, exchange business directories, host parenting conversations, and experience opportunities for service.

“The group’s goal is for moms and families with kids living in Aventura to quickly find answers, recommendations, resources, advice, and access to immediate information. This group allows you to ask questions and receive quick answers or suggestions from fellow moms based on their experiences, saving the hassle and time to search for the same information,” said Bensusan. “Additionally, the group informs my followers of fun events happening around Miami, good deals, and interesting store finds.”

A former marketing executive for one of Canada’s notable infant brands, Bensusan moved to Aventura in 2014. Despite her close proximity to Aventura Mall and other entertainment attractions, she quickly experienced difficulty obtaining listings of child-friendly activities that would appeal to parents in the area. Now, her Facebook community caters to over ten thousand members and Instagram following is quickly emerging.

“I wanted to create a group where I could connect with other mothers in Aventura, using this group as a resource to find suitable schools, camps, after-school activities, and birthday venues, just to name a few. I didn’t want new moms to feel alone, but rather meet other moms who share the same lifestyles,” she said. “Through my marketing expertise, I learned that moms love to share their experiences through research, whether good or bad. Moms can relate to other mothers’ opinions.”

Known for participating in its sponsored partnership with The Power of the Heels Foundation and Bloomingdale’s Mix Masters Fashion Show, the Moms have built a track record of offering charitable contributions to residents in need. “I can recall multiple times where people have reached out to me personally to share their gratitude. One time, a single mother reached out to me to let me know she had no money to buy milk for her baby and food for her older children. Within a few hours, I was able to bring a few Moms together to supply her with enough groceries to last a few weeks,” she said. “Since it was right around Christmas, one of our members offered to supplement our organizational gesture with gifts for her kids.”

In light of Women’s History Month, Bensusan is determined to establish a legacy of equitable women’s leadership and giving throughout the Aventura community. “‘Together We Are Stronger’ is my slogan that is often used in my group because it portrays the importance of togetherness. No matter what challenges we face as moms and women, the power of unity is indeed what keeps us going,” she said. “The group’s primary focus will always be grounded in respect, transparency, and acceptance. Aventura Moms is all about helping one another and connecting individuals who can learn from each other, and women can use this platform as a safe space without judgment and endless support.”

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