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Local EDM Artist Epidemika Kicks off July 4th Weekend in South Beach

By Austin Torres

June 24, 2021

A evening of drinks, dancing, & Electronic Dance music at Treehouse Nightclub

Epidemika (Jesse O’Hara) is one of these homegrown artists, and on Saturday July 3rd he will be kicking off the evening with an intimate 90-minute set at Treehouse in South Beach from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

When you think of South Florida, several different associations come to mind. The lovely beaches, warm sunny days, diverse and delicious cuisine from a variety of cultures, postcard sunsets, and of course, Electronic Dance Music. EDM has been closely associated with South Florida for several decades now and our nightclub scene is known worldwide for hosting some of the most exceptional EDM artists and throwing some of the most memorable parties with exceptional local talent.

Epidemika (Jesse O’Hara) is one of these homegrown artists, and on Saturday July 3rd he will be kicking off the evening with an intimate 90-minute set at Treehouse in South Beach from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Epidemika’s sound - a unique blend of progressive house and trance - has been embraced by the EDM community and supported internationally by world renown DJs. What better way to spend the Saturday before July 4th than to come out with friends for a fun night of exceptional music, drinks, and laughs at one of South Beaches’ most popular and happening clubs?

For Epidemika, playing music is both a passion and a blessing. Since he first began playing guitar at the age of 10 years old, Epidemika has gone on to record and produce a multitude of original music. After playing his first concert at the age of 13 years old, he knew this was something he was going to do for the rest of his life. Before transitioning into electronic music Epidemika played in a variety of rock, hardcore, and metal bands and also toured across North America playing over 600 shows alongside several other artists and some of his own musical heroes as well.

“I have a diverse musical background. While playing in bands before producing electronic music, I’ve played concerts and festivals with the likes of Strapping Young Lad, Poison the Well, Alexisonfire, Hatebreed, and many more,” said Epidemika.

Since then, Epidemika has only continued to expand his knowledge of music and the music industry by enrolling and graduating from an advanced music and mastering program, honing his skills on a multitude of instruments including drums, bass, and synthesizers. Epidemika’s astute ear and natural understanding of popular music sensibilities has earned him a stellar reputation as a prolific and highly skilled producer. Since kicking off his career as an EDM artist, Epidemika has released music on a variety of labels around the globe such as Elliptical Sun Recordings (RUS/USA), Nanostate Music (USA), Intricate Records (RUS), Infrasonic Recordings (UK), and Freegrant Music (EU).

Additionally, Epidemika’s music has been featured in numerous compilations for the Amsterdam Dance Event, a 5-day music festival in Amsterdam that is similar to our own Ultra Music Festival, and also compilations for Ibiza, otherwise known by many as the motherland of electronic dance music. He has also had more recent success with his track ‘Heartbeat’, which was featured as the opening track on the Progressive Trance Selections Volume 12 compilation and his track ‘Hold On’ – a collaboration featuring vocalist Odell from TV’s The Voice.

This fervent passion for production has also earned Epidemika a special position as an A&R for UK record label, Infrasonic Recordings. As an A&R, Epidemika has had the privilege of reviewing a vast number of demos from aspiring musicians around the world and has helped countless others refine their production skills to bring out the best in artists. He assists up-and-coming music producers hone their craft to create catchy, memorable music that’s ready for nightclubs and the radio.

“In the past I’ve acted as a ghost producer for other artists and I’ve helped artists write music and mix and master songs,” said Epidemika.

For Epidemika the greatest joy that he derives from performing live is the connections he creates with the crowd. As perhaps one of the most impactful art forms music has the ability to move audiences in ways that are direct and at times deeply intimate. Few individuals are able to experience the beauty of performing for a venue full of lively listeners eager to connect through the medium of music, and for Epidemika doing so is a dream come true and a blessing all on its own. “Being able to play original music for live audience and seeing the reaction it evokes is my favorite part of performing live,” said Epidemika. “It’s a unique opportunity to test out new and unreleased material to get a sneak preview on how well it's received in a live setting.”

For more information regarding the event, you can visit where you can also purchase ticket for the event which will also feature trance legends Sean Tyas, Chris Schweizer, Luccio. Suzy Solar, Solid J, and Tanner Wilfong. You can also visit where you can find out news, hear new music, watch music videos and also purchase merchandise such as hats, shirts, hoodies, and much more. For bookings you can reach out to (After Dark Music Management).

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