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Kindness: Break The Cycle of Indifference

By Bryan Golden

June 30, 2022

There is undue rudeness and thoughtlessness in every day interpersonal interaction. Friends, relatives, and strangers can act inconsiderately. More and more people are under increasing amounts of stress. Work, commuting, family, kids, errands, chores are among the many factors that can induce anxiety that causes individuals to be irritable.

People have become isolated and detached from one another. Earlier in history, everyone depended on each other for their wellbeing. Someone would always make an effort to help a person in distress. Neighbor helped neighbor without being asked.

Today, when a Good Samaritan engages in an act of kindness it becomes a newsworthy story. Acts of kindness that were commonplace in yesteryear are now the rare exception. You can be more ignored broken down on the side of a busy highway than you would have been stranded on a dirt road. It's ironic that as the population grows, individuals have become increasingly discourteous.

Rudeness easily becomes a vicious cycle that influences all who come into contact with it. You have the power to break the cycle. You can be nice and act with kindness. You can surprise people with unexpected consideration.

Although there are exceptions, the vast majority appreciates courtesy. When you act nicely, you feel better than when projecting bitterness. Your actions are entirely within your control. How you behave affects everyone you come into contact with.

There are a number of simple strategies you can take to improve how you and others feel. Don't respond in kind if you are treated poorly. Respond in a nicer way than you are treated. Endeavor to consistently wear a smile. A smile causes you to feel better and radiates positive energy.

Go out of your way to be kind and look for ways to help others. Offer help especially when you don't have to. Spreading kindness doesn't cost a penny yet provides priceless rewards. There are numerous things you can do on a daily basis which will bring joy to all.

Here are some simple suggestions that you can utilize anytime and anywhere. But don't limit yourself to these, think of other ways to spread kindness. Smile, say hello and make eye contact. Greet a stranger you pass on the street, in the hall, or in the mall and, you will be surprised how often they say hello in return.

Always say please when you ask for something and thank you when someone serves or helps you. Even when a person's job requires them to attend to you, a sincere thank you will always brighten their day. Whenever you speak with someone, keep a smile on your face.

Be aware of the needs of people around you. Hold doors open for others. Open the door for someone whose arms are full of packages or for someone pushing a stroller and let them go ahead of you. Thank those who hold a door for you.

While shopping, when you have a lot of items, let someone who has only a thing or two get in front of you in the register line. On the road, allow other drivers to pull in front of you when trying to merge onto the road. Be courteous and take care not to cut off other drivers.

Break the cycle of indifference. Set an example for others. Always be on the lookout for ways to be kind. Do more than you have to. Do the unexpected. Do whatever you can to make someone else feel good.

Bryan is the author of "Dare to Live Without Limits." Contact Bryan at or visit Copyright 2022 Bryan Golden

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