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Inflation Abandonment: The Humane Society of Greater Miami is Over Capacity and Asking For Support

July 21, 2022

Pet abandonments are at a steep incline and the Humane Society of Greater Miami is over capacity. For the past several months, the Animal Welfare Organization has been overwhelmed with the number of pets being abandoned at their shelter. In the best of times, this would be a difficult challenge, but it is made even more daunting when there is no space left to house them. Many of the animals arrive in heart-breaking condition and need extensive Medical Care before being made available for Adoption. The marked increase of abandoned animals along with the significant decrease in adoption numbers has forced the limited-admit facility to close their animal intake for several weeks. Leaving the community with one less resource to aid them in managing the homeless pet population.

Currently, the Humane Society of Greater Miami has over 135 available animals at their Soffer and Fine Adoption Center – nearly twice their regular capacity. The Shelter is bursting at the seams and has had to maximize space by transforming their Grooming Salon, a portion of their Quarantine Building and Adoption Rooms into available animal space. In addition, they are preparing to launch a program that would allow foster parents to take home long-time shelter residents for up to three-months to help them acclimate to a home environment and get them adopted sooner. They also continue to recruit foster parents who can provide at-home care for kittens that need extra TLC. Although this has helped alleviate some space, it is not enough and the Shelter needs help.

Rising rent prices and the overall increase in cost of living has contributed immensely to the increase in pet abandonments. With more families unable to financially care for their animals, the number of pets being returned, surrendered and abandoned at Shelters throughout South Florida has risen. In order to help families keep their pets during the toughest of times, the Humane Society of Greater Miami created the Community Pet Support Program and Pantry. This Program provides pet owners in need with valuable tools like training, food, minor financial support and other pet resources. They hope this program will lend a hand in keeping families together and keep more pets off the street and out of shelters.

Looking for ways to help during this difficult time?

We highly encourage those looking for a furry companion to adopt, not shop. When you adopt, you not only give a deserving pet a home, but you will also be making space for another dog or cat in need. If you can’t adopt, you can advocate adoptions and share information about the dogs and cats at the Shelter by sharing and posting about them on your Social Media: On Instagram at: @humanesocietymiami. On Facebook at: @HumaneSociety305. On Twitter: @humanemiami.

You can also donate to the Humane Society of Greater Miami’s Community Pet Support Program and Pantry. They are always in need of unopened food, treats, or new/lightly used pet supplies. If you prefer to make a monetary donation, you can visit: and select Community Pet Support Program and Pantry from the options listed.

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties caring for your pet and are thinking about surrendering to a Shelter, we encourage you to first ask about the Community Pet Support Program and see how they can help you keep your furry family member.

The Staff and Volunteers at the Humane Society of Greater Miami continue to work tirelessly to care for each pet in their care but they can’t do it without the community’s support! For ways to offer help and/or to adopt a pet, visit: /

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