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Hallandale Beach Parking Program: Residents Are Still Concerned How It Will Impact Them

By Hallandale Beach Mayor, Joy Cooper

November 4, 2021

I have received some questions about our parking program. It has been discussed many times over the years and was adopted by the commission. It started last month and will not be enforced by our parking enforcement team through the Police Department. There were requests to have residents that live on 3rd street be able to apply for an annual parking pass.

This was not recommended by staff due to the fact this is a commercial area and many of the units already have two spots. I was not at the last meeting or I would have brought the issue up. The main issue is that we truly do not want residents storing their cars on the street. This may change but it will be up to the commission to do so. Below is an article I wrote on the topic.

Please save the date, on Tuesday, November 16th 2021 at 12:00 p.m. via ZOOM, I will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the 40 Year Inspections and to introduce our new Building Official Shellie Jackson. She will be reviewing our new permitting system and programs, for further info, check out my Facebook Page.

Over the past year our City Commission had directed staff to develop a comprehensive citywide parking program. Over the past two months we have hired parking enforcement officers. We also have equipped them with electric vehicles. They have been going around the City and issuing tickets for both illegally parked or unpaid parked cars at our metered locations.

This past meeting the Staff parking committee brought forward recommendations on a plan. It included analysis of existing on street parking throughout the City. They recommended two types of parking rates: premium and regular. The residual rates were not changed but on-street parking now will be charged and a monthly rate of $30 per month for residential.

The main reasons for enforcement are threefold and public safety is paramount. We need to enforce no parking zones, blocked crosswalks and hydrants. We also need to enforce parking and storage of privately owned commercial vehicles. Maintenance also needs to be provided for on public spaces and roadways. Lastly reimbursement for planning, zoning and enforcement costs for the parking itself.

Currently we have a standard parking rate of $1.00 per hour and a premium parking rate of $2.50. The residential beach parking is $300.00 per year of which only 3 permits have been issued. There are no overnight parking passes and sadly there has been limited enforcement.

Other surrounding cities have parking programs with varying rates. Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Pompano, Hollywood, Surfside and Dania Beach all have parking fees that range from $1.75 to $3.00 with residential passes available. During the season and on special events, the rates are a bit higher.

Staff has developed two tiers of parking: premium nonresidential at a rate of $4.00 and a standard parking rate at $2.50. Residential rates will not change and remain at the standard rate of $1.00 and the $2.50 holiday rate. Holiday flat rate is $20.00. Premium parking was proposed for 4 locations: South Beach lot, North Beach lot, Diana Drive, The Fashion Art And Design District (FADD) on First avenue and on Northeast 3rd Street. During our meeting it was suggested that FADD be set as Standard until all of the construction on the new lot is completed and that the stores have had a chance to expand. Diana Drive will remain due to the fact that we have issues with commercial overnight parking generated by the surrounding hotels. Please note that there will be a residential pass which equates to $1.00 a day for $30.00. There will be five zones, Zone 1 is Diana Drive and Golden Isles Drive, Zone 2 is Three Islands Boulevard, Zone 3 is Atlantic Shores Boulevard and 14th Avenue, Zone 4 is around Peter Bluesten Park and Zone 5 is the Northwest around the new proposed Development on Dixie Highway and East of OB Johnson Park. It also needs to be noted that we are looking to expand parking on Three Islands Boulevard and Atlantic Shores Boulevard. When the Diplomat is reconstructed, there will be a public lot that I requested and was incorporated as part of the development agreement.

I have already received two constituent questions on this proposal. The Parking Program was passed 4-0 by the City Commission and an ordinance will be coming forward. We know this is new and we are surely expecting push back. It is a change and I responded to the second question which was an email to explain in my opinion the logic in supporting this proposal.

The resident was in general complaining about new taxes and comparing us to the States of California and New York. As I stated before we already had parking fees. What has changed is a new non-resident's fee. What is changing is where people are parking for free, where there will be parking charges and the added resident pass rate.

I explained to the City governments that they must provide services to our constituents while balancing a budget under the restraints of the limited availability of resources. We are in the business of providing: Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, Police, Fire, EMS, Trash Removal, Parks, Maintaining Roadways, providing Code Enforcement, Building Services and an array of other services. Our choice to provide on-street parking and the ability for residents to utilize our City assets is a service that needs to be managed and the management of our assets costs money.

We are trying to add parking spots. In addition, enforce parking where people are storing their work vehicles, recreational vehicles, simply parking their cars and renting out their own personal parking spots for revenue. Condominiums that were built years ago without parking spaces or with one parking space are not paying a thing to utilize city property. This is a reality in our community and to many others. Individuals living in condos know that they bought the condo with one parking spot. In my humble opinion, it is not fair that these residents are utilizing City property, but are not having to pay for its upkeep.

One would argue that property taxes should be paying for everything and that we should not have fees. Also, when we charge fees, it makes it more difficult typically for those on tight budgets. The reality is that our costs just like every other business go up and we can only charge up to 8% percent millage by law. Millage rates are capped by the state. In addition, Save Our Homes and other exemptions that reduce the amount of taxes that are collected, however, this structure does not generate enough to pay for everything that we must provide.

Please be assured that as a resident myself I am very sensitive to taxes and fees that we must pay within our community. Those combined taxes and fees for services run approximately 22%. That is low comparatively speaking to any other communities. We will continue to work on ways to balance our budget and utilize our City resources for the benefit of all individuals. While we are working to implement this new program, it should be noted that residential parking fees will be approximately $30 a day.

I hope that this sheds some light on the rationale of the direction our City is going in. We are stewards of our City's assets. People in our City, State and Nation need to understand that the quality of life, the amenities and services cities provide around our country cost money. Therefore, so many people want to come to our country and enjoy living in our wonderful nation.

As always, I am available anytime for your questions, concerns and ideas to make our City, a better place, on my phone/text at: (954) 632-5700. Or you can e-mail me at: Please visit my Facebook Page: MayorJoyCooper. Like It! Friend It! Share It!

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