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Hallandale Beach Embraces Sustainability With The Launch Of The "Cloud": The Largest Electric Bus Fleet Owned By A Municipality In Florida

April 4, 2024

In a significant stride towards a greener future, the City of Hallandale Beach, in partnership with the Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (HBCRA), unveiled its groundbreaking initiative – the “Cloud" all-electric bus fleet on April 4th, 2024, during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Hallandale Beach City Hall. During the unveiling event, the City Commission, county officials, and program partners joined City Manager and HBCRA Executive Director Dr. Jeremy Earle to welcome the fleet of nine electric buses to the City. Attendees enjoyed test rides around the community and learned more about how the Cloud service is furthering the City’s commitment to keeping Progress at the Forefront.

As the largest electric bus fleet owned by any municipality in Florida, the Cloud marks a pivotal moment in the City's commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Progressive Urban Planning. With service to the community beginning Friday, April 5th, 2024, the Cloud embodies the City's dedication to innovation and its vision for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.

The Cloud service aims to enhance accessibility and mobility for residents and visitors alike with larger buses that accommodate the community's needs, including those who use a wheelchair or ride a bike or scooter. Additionally, the FREE Bus Service provides all riders with complimentary WiFi, better service, more space, and extended routes. The addition of two stops at Walmart and Aventura Mall extends the reach of the service, promoting convenience and connectivity throughout the City. With nine vehicles in operation, the Cloud fleet evokes a sense of euphoria akin to floating on "Cloud nine,” symbolizing the City's commitment to a sustainable future.

Service is offered via four distinct easy-on, easy-off routes to cater to diverse transportation needs seven days a week. For detailed information about the Cloud service, including route maps and usage guidelines, individuals are encouraged to contact: (954) 457-2220 Option#: 6 or visit the official website at:

Hallandale Beach City Manager Dr. Jeremy Earle expressed the City's unwavering commitment to sustainability, stating, "The City of Hallandale Beach is committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2055, and the Cloud bus fleet is just one of many initiatives we're implementing to achieve this goal." Embracing clean, electric power not only reduces carbon emissions but also sets a precedent for higher quality-of-life standards that residents and visitors can take pride in.

The Cloud represents just one component of Hallandale Beach's comprehensive electric transportation system, which includes e-bikes, electric vehicles, and more. Notably, the Hallandale Beach Police Department has already integrated 13 all-electric vehicles into its fleet of service vehicles, alongside 49 hybrid Police Interceptor vehicles; the largest fleet in the nation. Of course, there also needs to be the charging infrastructure to support the fleet; there are a number of charging stations throughout Hallandale Beach, including the newly installed bus charging stations.

Thanks to the adoption of EV and hybrid vehicles, the City is reducing its fleet-related emissions by approximately 600 metric tons annually, which is equivalent to the savings of 117 homes’ annual electricity usage!

In addition to being a better option for the environment, electric vehicles are also a fiscally sound choice for the City. While the upfront cost to purchase electric vehicles is higher than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles show reduced energy costs when compared to gas costs, saving approximately $10,000 per vehicle, per year.

The realization of the Cloud fleet, including charging Infrastructure, was made possible through strategic partnerships and funding. A $3.4 Million Grant from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) combined with a $2.5 Million contribution from the City, totaling $5.9 Million, facilitated the implementation of this project.

The Cloud fleet is part of the City’s Progress at the Forefront initiative, outlined in the City’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan, which includes more than $320 Million worth of improvements to the City’s Infrastructure, Parks and Recreation Spaces, Public Safety, and Sustainable Development Initiatives, through 2028. The large-scale improvement plan, which was approved during the September 26th, 2023, City Commission Meeting, marks the City’s commitment to being a leader in Sustainability and Resiliency Initiatives.

In embracing the Cloud electric bus fleet, the City of Hallandale Beach sets a precedent for sustainable Urban Development and reinforces its position as a leader in environmental stewardship. With innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to progress, Hallandale Beach is paving the way toward a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.

To learn more about the City of Hallandale Beach's commitment to being Carbon Neutral by 2050, visit the official website at:

For more information on the City of Hallandale Beach, please visit:

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