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Hallandale Beach Development Update

By Hallandale Beach Mayor, Joy Cooper

October 14, 2021

There are some exciting developments happening in our City. Our residents should be assured that we have put in place the necessary regulations, impacts and fees to provide redevelopment is taking place with the proper oversight. All of these projects are listed on our website at:

As business meetings begin to go live it was an honor to present to the Aventura Marketing Council’s recent Mayor's Forum. Gulfstream Park hosted the first event for all of the North Dade Mayors and myself, right here in Hallandale Beach. While attendance was limited it was wonderful to see many of my colleagues and spend time discussing our City.

Since the Pandemic started many city and government operations have been shut down. The one thing that did not end was construction. We as a City grappled with the impacts of construction on buildings where many residents were quarantined. We fought a losing battle with the Governor to at least halt unnecessary building projects until the Pandemic subsided. In many of our condominium buildings, these projects were tied to 40-year inspections. They fit the category of life safety. It became a double edged sword to prolong projects or simply get them done.

After the presentations by the mayors, you would not have even thought any Pandemic had occurred. It was the opposite. Every City in South Florida is going through rebuilding, new construction and major infrastructure projects and Hallandale Beach is the same.

It’s been a while since I have reviewed the redevelopment projects in the City. We continue to see great interest and investments along all our corridors. 2000 Ocean was topped off during the Pandemic and they are working on receiving their TCO, so they can allow for inside construction. The 64-unit condominium projects will bring the first Luxury project to the beach in over 15 years.

As you head West, 100 Diplomat Parkway is now under construction, it is made up of 250 apartment units. It is part of the entire reconstruction of the Diplomat Country Club and Spa. That project includes 3 other buildings that are planned to be developed on the existing footprint of the Hotel Spa. The Golf Course has been totally redone and when it is completed there, will be a Hotel and Hotel Condo units.

On West Hallandale Beach Boulevard, The Oasis has almost completed their first phase of construction. The approved plan is for the construction of 500 multi-family, 34,691 square feet of office space and 59,219 square feet of retail space. This is the first-Class A office to be built on the boulevard in years. Units are being sold and the retail space will be opening soon.

Due to our Form Base Code and set impact fees, developers can come and apply without a long extensive approval process. These codes provide guidelines as to height, density, building types and importantly are set to impact fees to address our impacts on our infrastructure created from the development. They also allow for residents to understand what can be built and where. The added benefit built into the Form Base Code is they provide bonuses to build in mixed use residential units with retail and office spaces. This provides a catalyst for live work and play within our 4 square miles.

Art Square was built with form base in mind. It was one of the first projects with live work units. The Accesso Office, The Beacon and The Atlantic Villages all have been built under this code. Atlantic Village is also in the process of designing Atlantic 4 at the corner of Federal Highway and Atlantic Shores Boulevard.

Along US-1, we have many planned developments that have been approved over the years. These approvals remain in place due to special emergency orders granted by the Governor. The Peninsula Tower, Gulfstream Point, 900 Federal Highway and The Element have all been approved and are in various stages. Optima is under construction now and is another great addition to the Class A Office.

Heading further West we are seeing infill housing being built. Leisure Apartments and Village at Bluesten Park are being constructed. Our new park system has also helped to promote interest in our City. The CRA recently partnered with the Solaris Apartments which is being built by Cornerstone adjacent to our central Bluesten Park. They will be adding 78 affordable housing units.

Also, in the CRA, Hallandale City Center is a mixed- use affordable housing project. This development has been a bit long getting to the point of construction. They have brought in a new Capital investor and are in permitting. West construction, if finished up, occupies townhouse units called Hallandale Commons on Foster Road. This area once the building begins will see a long- awaited transformation of Foster Road.

I could not leave out FADD, Fashion Art and Designs District. The Dixie corridor I have always said is a great place for redevelopment. With the energy created by Art Square and Icebox on NE 3rd Street there has been plenty of activity. Our City will be home to the first Container “Bodega.” This has also been a long process as we are the first in Broward County and are creating a new county code to accommodate container buildings. New restaurants and shops are springing up on 1st and the plan that the CRA adopted is finally coming to fruition.

There are some exciting developments happening in our City. Our residents should be assured that we have put in place the necessary regulations, impacts and fees to provide redevelopment is taking place with the proper oversight. All of these projects are listed on our website at:

As always, I am available anytime for your questions, concerns and ideas to make our City, a better place, on my phone/text at: (954) 632-5700. Or you can e-mail me at: Please visit my Facebook Page: MayorJoyCooper. Like It! Friend It! Share It!

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