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Elite Auctioneers: Providing Expert Services Across The World

By Felipe Castilla

July 28, 2021

In the enterprising world of auctioneering, Elite Auctioneers LLC stands out as a company truly dedicated to its craft.

President of the company Tracy Hayes and her husband Chris, have established a team of experienced appraisers specializing in everything from designer jewelry, 20th century modern design, pottery, and Chinese antiques to precious metals, art, porcelains, estates and more.

They offer a variety of unique services including appraisals, estate liquidations, consignments, outright purchases, real estate and charity auctions. Elite Auctioneers even provides free appraisals and evaluations with no strings attached.

Originally from New York, Elite Auctioneers is full-service auction and antique gallery that has been operating for over 40 years with unrivaled professionalism.

A family of former public administrators auctioning for the state of New York, the people of Elite Auctioneers have a rich and trusted history of exceptional service.

In addition to their eclectic expertise and passion for antiques, they have a full time staff available Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm ready to answer any and all questions regarding the auctioning process or their services.

Elite Auctioneers is conveniently located on 23033 State Road 7, Boca Raton FL, 33428 where interested sellers can have their items evaluated Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

With their expansive network of buyers, Elite Auctioneers, works hard to guarantee sellers, a fair market value for their item and get it sold to the right buyer. They have both local and online bidders through their partner sites In-valuable, Auctionzip, Live-auctioneers and Bidsquare, making bidding easy and accessible regardless of location. That means no matter where you are in the world, you’ll have a front row view of all the items available.

“We have thousands of registered buyers throughout the world,” said Tracy Hayes.

Furthermore, Elite Auctioneers features a live auction feed for their online and remote buyers to provide opportunities for both selling and purchasing from the comfort of your home.

The process of auctioning is intuitively simple. If you want to participate in an auction, you can sign up to bid online. Their website even includes notifications that inform visitors of the next auction.

Once signed up with one of these vendors, you will be able to view Elite’s catalogs. If you don’t feel comfortable online, you can also save money by absentee or phone bidding.

For phone bidding, an expert staff member contacts you directly before your bidding lot enabling you to join in the bid, the moment your item lands on the auction block.

Once the items are reviewed and approved, Elite Auctioneers sends out a contract to be signed, dated and returned. Shipping can be carefully arranged at any time before the auction and once the items are sold, you receive a check in the mail, after the buyer has paid. This usually takes place within 30 days of the auction itself.

Their commitment to client satisfaction doesn’t stop there, however. Elite Auctioneers is also committed to making sure, the selling process is as simple as making a phone call. If you have an antique to sell, the appraisers with over 40 years of experience will personally come to your home and review your items for free and with no obligations.

If you’re looking to move and cannot take everything with you, the Elite Auctioneers team will help you decide what you might be able to sell and what can be taken to your new home. These services don’t just apply to single items but, entire estates as well.

Just a few of Elite’s notable and satisfied clients include: Binder and Binder Law Firm, the family of a PGA champion and the former owner of the Indian Pacers basketball team.

In the case of estate liquidation, Elite Auctioneers take the added steps of providing clients with trained movers, professional photography, advertising and promotion, to help move your items while doing everything in their power to secure a buyer.

Elite Auctioneers, have a century of experience in liquidating partial and even, full estates. Regardless of size, they will sell everything and anything of value, as they have done for thousands of clients, over the years.

The expert team of estate buying specialists, evaluates the items of the estate and make an offer, based on a fair market value. Once that is done and an agreement on price has been reached, the items will be removed from the estate and the estate itself, will be meticulously cleaned.

It’s important to note, that if there are items in your estate, you want to dispose of, you must contact Elite for an evaluation appointment, before the liquidation process can begin.

Moreover, Elite makes the consignment process just as easy. You can take photos of your items and email them to You should include important item information like the age, condition, any labels, the dimensions, manufacturing tags, and provenance.

You can visit their website and look through their catalog of Asian antiques, art, furniture, coins, collectibles, home décor and fashion by visiting: or contact their office directly at 561.931.2820.

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