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Concrete Ways to Prepare Kids for a Rapidly Changing World

June 6, 2024

Young people face an increasing medley of challenges as they pursue higher education — rising tuition costs, daunting prospective student debt, and a talented and competitive applicant pool. After a decade of preparing students for the ever more difficult admissions process, college counselor Greg Kaplan wishes parents would stop thinking, “What should I do to get my kid into a good college?” and instead ask, “How can I best prepare my child for what comes next?”

Having practiced law and worked in investment banking early in his career before pivoting to working with students, parents and educators, Kaplan knows what the world — and its population of college admissions officers — is looking for in today’s youth and tomorrow's leaders.

In his new book, The Journey: How to Prepare Kids for a Competitive and Changing World, Kaplan goes beyond the well-chronicled college admissions madness and cuts to the core of parental angst, delivering a definitive guide that shares what parents can do now to help their children make the most of the opportunities they will encounter in the future.

Emphasizing these fundamental tenets of successful adulthood — grit, leadership and passion — The Journey paints a realistic picture of the lack of preparedness among today’s youth. Using stories of parents and students who have struggled and succeeded, Kaplan pushes students to consider: What do you want to get out of your college and work career? How can you jumpstart your journey into the real world? He asks parents: Are you preparing your children to attain a life of health, happiness and financial independence?

“Greg Kaplan’s The Journey reframes and reimagines the stressful college application process into a powerful journey of self-discovery, authenticity, and leadership development.” — Matthew Breitfelder, Partner and Global Head of Human Capital, Apollo Global Management

Rooted in humorous stories sprinkled with bits of brutally honest advice, The Journey provides valuable information for parents, empowers young people and encourages families to work together in healthy ways to prepare kids for their next steps.

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