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Chanukah Festival 2022: Annual “Fried & Ribo” Event Hits South Florida

November 17, 2022

In honor of Shnas Hakhel, the Biblical Year of Gathering, Chabad of South Broward is going all out with its Annual Chanukah Festival, hosting together for the first time in America, the dynamic duo of Avraham Fried and Ishay Ribo, who will be bringing their magical Annual Chanukah Show to the shores of Miami.

For the first time, the 7,000 seat Seminole Hard Rock Concert Hall in Hollywood, Florida, will be the venue of the Annual Chanukah Concert hosted by Chabad of South Broward, led by Executive Director, Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus.

The Concert will feature the dynamic duo of the two greatest contemporary Jewish singers from Israel and the United States, Avraham Fried and Ishay Ribo. The two share a close bond and will be singing together one week before, at the Annual Chabad Hosted “Tzamah” Event at Binyanei Haumah in Yerushalayim.

Avraham Fried
Avraham Shabsi Hakohen Friedman better known by his stage name, Avraham Fried, a popular musical entertainer in the Orthodox Jewish Community.

Fried was encouraged towards a music career by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Rebbe of Lubavitch and by Mordechai Ben David. Fried began his career with the release of his first album "No Jew Will Be Left Behind" in 1981. The title song was composed by Yossi Green and the song “Kel Hahodaos” was written by Kol Salonica. Fried went on to collaborate with Green on eight albums. Green is credited with some of Fried’s biggest hits, including “Aderaba,” “Tanya” and “Didoh Bei.”

His music is mostly categorized as Pop Jewish Music, similar to Mordechai Ben David and tends to integrate many styles of popular music, including: Pop, Rock and Jazz with Jewish lyrics and themes. He also has a few “cantor” style songs on most of his albums, as well as many songs written in Yiddish. He sings his Yiddish songs with a Chabad flavor.

Ishay Ribo
Ishay was born and raised in France and at the age of 13 he began writing songs, composing and recording them in his home. He learned to play the guitar at 18.

In 2014, he launched his debut album, "Tocho Ratzuf Ahava," which was certified Gold for selling more than 25,000 copies in Israel. At the same time, the song "Kol Dodi" reached the number one spot for Israeli Religious Radio Stations. Ishay has collaborated on singles and performances with prominent Israeli artists, including: Shlomo Artzi, Idan Raichel and David D'or, as well as famous Jewish Musicians: Avraham Fried, Yaakov Shwekey, Mordechai Ben David, Yonatan Razel, among others.

Ishay Ribo participated in the three "Tzama" project albums, which showcase Chabad melodies. In 2016, he released his second album, "Pachad Gvahim," which also achieved Gold album certification. At the same time, Ishay also worked on collaborations with Composer Yossi Green, as well as a new single with Moti Steinmetz.

He managed to break down sectarian walls on his way to the top, in his own way, by mixing a unique combination of spiritual influences, catchy and inspirational Western melodies and his one-of-a-kind, soft voice. This has made Ribo one of the most prominent and beloved young artists in the Israeli Music Scene, with millions of YouTube views and his third album "Shetah Afor" that become one of the most intriguing on the charts.

The Dynamic Duo
For the last five years, Fried and Ribo have been hosting a 12,000 person joint Chanukah Concert in Israel, night after night. The show was supposed to hit New York last winter but had to be canceled at the last minute due to the third wave of Corona and the lockdown in Israel. This year, for the first time ever, the two are heading out directly from the Israeli Concert to the shores of Miami.

Flying together from Israel with an enormous team of 14 musicians and an entire staff of light and sound technicians, a production team, directors and stage managers, as well as the videographers and photographers.

Rabbi Tennenhuas told numerous media outlets: “The Rebbe gave us a special Brachah for our Chanukah Festivals that they should continuously grow each year. We have merited to see the fulfillment of the Rebbe’s Brachah - over time; the event has attracted tens of thousands of participants. Inspired by the Rebbe’s call to initiate gatherings of Yidden in honor of Shnas Hakhel, this year we have gone all out.”

Considering the enormous costs of the event this year, for the first time, tickets will be sold at various rates to accommodate the entire community and beyond. In addition, there are opportunities for sponsorships, with perks including front-row seats or couches, an ad in the program directory, a meet and greet with Ishay Ribo and Avraham Fried and a deluxe dinner before the festival.

Tickets and sponsorships are available on the event website:

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