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Cabinet Liquidators: Bringing you the Finest Cabinetry in South Florida

By Austin Torres

October 6, 2021

When it comes to cabinetry there are few others in South Florida who do it as well as the remarkable team at Cabinets Liquidator. Do you need to remodel your kitchen? Thinking about sprucing up your bathroom? Or are you just in search of some beautiful new countertops to add some flare to your home? Whatever the job may be, Cabinets Liquidator is certain to exceed all of your expectations.

This stellar team of professionals strive to provide customers with only the highest quality kitchen and bathroom cabinetry at unbeatable prices. But what truly sets apart Cabinets Liquidator from other businesses is that they do not stop at cabinets, they handle all phases of remodeling. Boasting a demolition crew who are as knowledgeable about their craft as they are skilled and a design team of visionaries dedicated to making your dream kitchen a reality, Cabinets Liquidator guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

As everyone knows, the kitchen represents the heart of the home. It is the location where food is prepared and served, where family and friends alike gather to enjoy their meal and connect with one another. Naturally, every homeowner wants their kitchen to be unique, comfortable, easy to access but inviting and striking. Cabinets Liquidator understands this better than anyone else.

With a wide selection of quartz, granite, marble and a variety of door styles including the incredibly popular Shaker which comes in colors such as white, grey and espresso. the classical Charleston which comes in white or saddle, the team will walk you through every step of the process and help bring your vision to life.

Among the designs at Cabinets Liquidator is the extremely popular European style, highly sought out for its aesthetic appeal. Notable for their sleek and contemporary style, these cabinets are top sellers at Cabinets Liquidator. They also are frameless, modular and designed with hidden hinges that afford maximum storage space in your kitchen and bathroom. This modern style of cabinetry is both stylish and pragmatic, allowing for a style that will impress guests and family, while also maximizing comfort.

For those of you in search of a team that will deliver top results at an affordable price, Cabinets Liquidator are easily your best bet. They offer customers great prices by promising to beat any estimate you receive from other competing legitimate businesses. Anthony, who has worked in construction for over 30 years, promises customers a job not only well done, but affordable.

“We will beat any estimate as long as it’s written up and comes from a legitimate company. I had a customer and she received and estimate from Home-Depot for $22,000 for the cabinets alone, along with installation and the tops. No extra work. I was able to get her a price for $18,000 and we’re doing more work for her than they quoted her on,” said Anthony.

Customers who are interested can give Cabinets Liquidator a call and they will come out and provide a free estimate, measurements and even a 3-D rendering of what their dream kitchen or bathroom will look like. The 3-D image created by the design team does a spectacular job of truly painting a picture of what the work will look like.

“We do measurements, a 3-D rendering and send it out by email. It’s all free of course. Once customers like the drawing and the design layout then they come to the showroom to look at the quality of cabinets and pick their color quartz or granite,” said Anthony.

Customers who visit the showroom will be welcomed by a team of highly attentive professionals. You will have the opportunity to tour the showroom and check out a variety of kitchen styles as well as faucets, examine the products and pick out exactly what you want. Of course, Cabinets Liqui-dator only uses the best quality products while also providing the most affor-dable prices. Additionally, custo-mers who hire Cabinets Liquidator for a job also have the opportunity to take advantage of their other services.

“We don’t just do cabinets. We’re licensed general contractors, we pull permits, we do electric, plumbing, roofing and flooring,” said Anthony.

Cabinets Liquidator is renowned for their customer service and their unwavering commitment to their craft. This remarkable sense of commitment has brought them several referrals and repeat clients. One customer liked the work they did so much that they even decided to join the team.

“We actually ended up hiring one of our customers. He was doing cabinet business in New York and he semi-retired and came to live in Florida. He liked our products so much he asked if we needed help and we decided to hire him as our project manager,” said Anthony.

For more information you can visit Cabinets Liquidator at their website: or reach them by phone at: 754.465.2061. Cabinets Liquidator’s hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 10am- 2pm, or by appointment. Give them a call or drop by their location at 305 West Ansin Boulevard, Hallandale, FL 33009.

Quality doesn’t cost, it pays,” says Anthony.

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